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Cedupoint offers a complete Project Leadership Curriculum

1. Course Curriculum
83 Degrees South offers one of the most complete Project Leadership training programmes for starters, managers and experienced practitioners. We offer OGC Accredited Training and Certification in:
PRINCE2® - Is a de facto standard project management methodology
MSP® - Enables you to lead multiple projects as a programme
M_o_R® - Enables you to manage risk
P3O® - Empowers portfolio, programme and project support offices
Change Management – Enables you to lead change and transformation Because everyone in your project team should be empowered, we developed:
Project Managers for Non-project Managers – this training enables ALL the stakeholders engaged in a project, providing great support to project leaders
The PRINCE2® Summer School brings together best practice sharing between practitioners and learners. To cater for your learning needs as flexibly as possible, we offer you Foundation, Practitioner or combined Foundation & Practitioner options. Of course all our training is available for your custom in-house programmes too. All our in-house courses can be tailored to your needs and business context. If you are looking to develop knowledge and skills that is not explicitly mentioned, we kindly invite you to contact us. We will gladly help assess your needs and we will be happy to help you in providing the learning solution you look for.

2. Course Duration
Our courses run 1 to 5 days depending of the level of depth you require. For each courses you can join the Introduction (1 day), the Foundation programme (3 days) and/or the Practitioner programme (2 days). Practitioner programmes are recommended for people owning already a basic knowledge on the subject area.

3. Certification
Our Accredited courses include optional Certification Exams both for Foundation and/or Practitioner students. Both the Foundation and Practitioner exams are taken during the afternoon of the last day. A Foundation pass is a pre-requisite for sitting the Practitioner examination. Evening consolidation and preparation work is required in order to gain maximum benefit from the course.

4. Venue
We selected a modern and inspiring venue for learning, located in the heart of the CTU campus. There are certainly other options, like Conference venue of NTK (national technical library) or some of our hotel partners. Our delegates will enjoy a complimentary guided tour through the picturesque old town and will be able to relax sipping a delicious Pilsner Urquel while enjoying a virtual travel in the middle ages.

5. Experienced & Accredited Trainers
All trainers in our Accredited training programme have undergone the rigorous approvals process administered by the APM Group on behalf of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). They are practising managers with considerable experience in a wide range of industry sectors.

The use of hybrid trainer-managers is of great benefit to delegates and ensures that illustrations and anecdotes have up-to-date validity and that the training given, whilst being true to the syllabus, is also pragmatic.

6. Simple Pricing & Clear Value Proposition
83 Degrees South is a pioneer of Value Based Learning. We believe in making pricing transparent and easy to understand to enable you to assess the value proposition of our training.

We offer Accredited* Training and Certification, taught by experienced subject matter experts, and offer you three simple pricing models (excl. VAT/DPH) so we can cater for each budget and need:

Dates: ask us for a date.

Venue: the CTU - FEE, Technická 2, Prague 6, room to be specified or your premises

Economy - price at 7 490 CZK/day for budget conscious learners that only need training and coaching, but do not need printed Courses, nor Certifications.
Certified – price at 9 900 CZK/day for learners who want to get Certified, get full support in succeeding in the exams & be supplied with all course materials to get there.

If interested, please, contact Mr Petr Hofman.

Phone: +420 224 354 024