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Teleinformatics in Industrial Automation

The ELefANTC (E-Learning for Acquiring New Types of Skills – Continued) project offers a publicly accessible online course covering the area of industrial automation and telematics in eight languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak and Czech). This complex multilingual study material covers the area of industrial automation and telematics. The course should help the employees and specialists in the respective area who need re-qualification or knowledge update to keep and/or improve their position in the job market by the means of lifelong learning. Logo Elefantc

1. Automation Technology – Introduction and Motivation
2. Control Systems
3. Sensors
4. Actuators
5. Identification Systems
6. Digital Telecommunication Networks, Radio and Satellite Communications, GSM and NGN
7. Fundamentals of Design Using PLC
8. Combinational and Sequential Logic Systems
9. Hybrid Systems
10. Simulation and Modeling of Real Processes
11. Fuzzy Logic
12. Artificial Intelligence in Automation
13. Reliability in Technical Systems
14. Case Studies and Examples
15. Recent Trends and Expectations in Control Systems

More information and access to the course can be found at the portal of the project (