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10.03.2016 | Course schedule 2016
Course schedule 2016 is now available at: .

19.02.2015 | Course schedule 2015
Course schedule 2015 is now available at .

12.01.2015 | 16th CAEC Annual Conference 2015
Czech Association of Electronic Communications z. s. organizes 16th annual conference with international participation on 28th April 2015 at the Hotel International Prague (ex Crowne Plaza Prague). Registration for the CAEC Conference 2015 was launched at

05.05.2014 | ITU Academy Event
International Telecommunication Union in cooperation with CTU organized 28.-29.04.2014 conference on „Fostering Innovation and Partnerships in Human Capacity Building: Enhanced Engagement of Academia in the Work of International Telecommunication Union“. This event was followed by „Workshop of ITU“ focused on „Disaster Management“ (30.4.2014). Both events take place in National Technical Library. More information is available here .

20.01.2014 | "LTE and LTE-A Technology" training
We have introduced a new training called "LTE and LTE-A Technology", the mobile technology of the near future. For more details go to .

08.01.2014 | 15th CAEC Annual Conference 2014
Czech Association of Electronic Communications z.s. organizes 15th annual conference with international participation on 23th April 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Prague. Registration for the CAEC Conference 2014 was launched at ( ).

05.09.2011 | ITU Telecom World 2011
Cedupoint, CTU in Prague is preparing the Czech Stand at ITU Telecom World 2011 that takes place in October, 24 - 27, 2011 in Geneva.

30.11.2010 | Hard limits on Future Computing Capacity - prof. Bezalel Gavish
An interesting lecture of prof. Bezalel Gavish from Southern Methodist Univesity in Dallas, Texas on the theme Hard Limits on Future Computing Capacity and Upper Bounds on Human Computing Ability takes place When: 30th November 2010, 2:30 - 4:00 PM Where: RDC - block A4, 5th floof, Room 505 Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague 6 Language: English The lecture is assigned to all people interested.

24.08.2010 | Project management in a nutshell
Cedupoint started cooperation with the Irish company 83 Degrees South Limited at the end of August 2010 and enhanced its training portfolio by complete curricula of project management. The offer contains certified courses handling the management of change, risk management or increasing the innovation potential of teams. Courses are designated for professional as well as for beginners confronted with a project requiring project management knowledge. Participants who have successfully completed the course will receive the PRINCE2® certificate which is de facto standard in project management methodology. Please, contact us if you are interested, either by phone or by email.

29.06.2010 | Technical seminars at Thomas Mann Gymnasium
Trainingpoint together with the Thomas Mann Gymnasium’s management prepared series of technical seminars. They were focused on electronics, following digitalization and growing influence of information technologies on our daily life. Pupils from prima up to septima participated in four of hourly seminars in May with high interest. Mainly the older classes posed well targeted questions and have shown unexpectedly great interest in similar activities held at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Trainingpoint offers highly specialized communications and electronic technical training primarily for corporate employees. This training is platform independent. Trainingpoint provides educational services for companies in technologically advanced fields, e.g. mobile telephony infrastructure.

The Thomas Mann Gymnasium was founded by the German minority in the Czech Republic in 1995. It has targeted basic and higher education enhanced by German or some subjects taught in German starting from the first class and completed by the graduation.

21.04.2010 | Start Cedupoint
Start Cedupoint