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New technologies and electronics around us

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the CTU in Prague and Cedupoint (Continuing Education Point) offer also trainings and courses concerning innovative technologies for those without technical knowledge who face technologies every day whether to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work or to understand the context of certain processes for instance in contact with a client. Increasing use of electronics and continuous digitalization of a wide variety of devices around us force us to learn quickly and eliminate the barriers of misunderstanding and uncertainty. Don’t you feel a bit envious while watching your children control their laptop or iPhone without the slightest difficulty? Our new one-day seminar can bring certain subjects much closer to you in a very simple and interactive way. During 6 modules you will experience a thrilling journey through microelectronics, multimedia, information and communication technology and you will reveal one technical secret after another along with your lecturer. The seminar can be taught on your premises or in modern CTU lecture-rooms.

Dates: Wednesday 03/30/, 04/06/, 04/13/, 04/20/, 04/27/, 05/18/, 05/25, 05/31/, 06/03/2011 or another day convenient to you

Venue: the CTU - FEE, Technická 2, Prague 6, room to be specified or your premises

Price per person - open seminar : 8 560 CZK without VAT
Price for a closed seminar on the premises of the CTU: 71 900 CZK without VAT
Price for a closed seminar on your premises: 61 900 CZK without VAT

If interested, please, contact Mr Petr Hofman.

Phone: +420 224 354 024